Mando School Underpinning The National Curriculum

articles school Jul 29, 2021

At Mando School - we have specially developed a programme tailored to Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Curriculum. Below is a list of outcomes from learning with us!

Learning outcomes: ​

  • aids the learning and development of pupils in Key-Stage 1.

  • prepares children for the mandatory language classes in Key-Stage 2;

  • improves performance in Art, Design and Music through dramatic play, songs and creative activities

  • encourages pupils to express themselves verbally and physically leading to personal and social development

  • builds Chinese and English/ or simply expands vocabulary

  • expands Geography knowledge

  • creates cultural awareness and intercultural skills

  • promotes tolerance and respect for all people

  • encourages team-work

  • develops pupils’ listening skills

  • stimulates creativity through role play and story-telling

  • gives historical perspective by placing pupils in a different context

  • deepens pupils’ understanding of the world

  • increases confidence and spontaneity


Our teachers can:​

  • plan varied and engaging lessons

  • differentiate learning to cater to all abilities

  • regularly conduct informal assessments

  • test students according to the school’s assessments policies and calendar

  • provide a general class report every half term

  • provide annual long reports

  • act according to the school’s child safety policies for safeguarding children

  • be aware of pastoral issues affecting the students

  • observe school regulations

  • enforce rules and encourage attitudes specific to the school

  • liaise with school management

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