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Mandarin Classes 
For Schools


Start Mandarin Chinese language classes at your primary school. Children learn through fun story-led adventures, games, songs, activities through interactive multimedia.

Suitable for early years, key stage one & key stage two children

Available in London, Cambridge, Manchester, Bristol & Oxford   |   MFL, PPA & Club Programmes
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Simple & easy way to book

1. Pick an age group
(early years, KS1 & KS2)
2. Select a weekly day & time
(weekdays from 8am - 6pm)
3. Meet your teacher
(enhanced DBS checked)
4. Enjoy the classes!
(weekly classes, once a week)

Interactive, fun & immersive

Our teaching method

We've made learning one of the world's leading languages accessible, fun and easy to learn. Children learn through fun story-led adventures, role-play, games, songs and activities through interactive multimedia. We can teach our programme through an interactive board or we can bring in our own electronic devices to teach the classes. Our staff are trained to follow all safeguarding procedures and any devices with cameras will be covered.

You can expect your children to learn common vocabulary they can use on a day to day basis - where parents, staff and children can learn all together!

On top of learning a new language, our programmes help boost children's problem solving skills, listening, critical thinking, memory retention, creativity, concentration, empathy and the ability to multitask. 



How can we book you in?

Modern Foreign Language Programme

We provide a comprehensive modern foreign language programme to primary schools. Children learn how to read, write, speak and listen in Mandarin Chinese. We work through an interactive and immersive multimedia along with activity sheets to support children's learning. The best part is we work in line with the national curriculum. We can take up to 30 children per class that runs roughly one hour a week. 

Planning Preparation & Assessment (PPA)

We can step in to help fulfill your PPA sessions - our programmes can be tailored to last up an hour and we have classes for early years, key stage one and key stage two pupils. We can take up to 30 children per class with a supporting teaching assisstant.

Breakfast, Lunch & After School Clubs

We offer clubs to early years, key stage one and key stage two children. Our classes can be booked in as a breakfast, lunch or after school club. The maximum numbers of children we can take is 15 children in a club.


Modern foreign language 
assessments & reports


When you book with us to teach your mfl programme, you will receive a termly comprehensive assessment and report.

Every lesson has a weekly learning objective, this can range from understanding and expressing simple opinions, connecting photos to the correct mandarin vocabulary, pronunciation, reading a short text in mandarin, recognising chinese characters and so much more.

We use a triangle system to assess the pupils progress, with the following key indicators:

/ = little application of objective
∕ ∖ = some application of objective
△ = met the objective

You can use to report for Ofsted inspections and let parents know how their children are progressing!

Make an enquiry or book a taster class

Use the contact form to send an enquiry or to book a 30 minute taster class before you commit for only £30. If you wish to continue the classes, we'll credit you £30!

Complete the form and let us know the age groups, day and time you'd like the taster.

We are located in London, Cambridge, Manchester, Bristol & Oxford