Meet The Team: Bonnie 菀甄

meet the team Aug 04, 2021

Bonnie Chan is a theatre maker, practitioner and researcher from Hong Kong who is now based in London. She graduated with MA in Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She also got an MA in East-West Drama in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

She is an experienced Cantonese and Mandarin teacher. She has been a drama teacher for young kids and youth for years in Hong Kong and Singapore, before moving to the UK. She teaches students from 6 months of age to grownups.

Bonnie is also the co-artistic director of Little Bean Theatre, the first and only bilingual Cantonese-English theatre for families in the UK. She was awarded West Kowloon Young Fellow 2019 with her project with Little Bean. She has also done a TEDx talk on practicing multilingual identity through music and drama. Her theatre works and academic papers have been presented in international art festivals and conferences in different countries including Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Portugal, France, UK and the Netherlands.

Bonnie fell in love with theatre at the age of eight when she performed on stage with her school’s drama club. Since then she never left the theatre world. She feels very blessed to be able to teach language, especially to children, using her favourite art form.

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