Meet The Team: Elle 嘉欣

meet the team Aug 04, 2021

My name is Elle and I am native English-Mandarin bilingual from Singapore currently living in London. I had previously lived in Malaysia, Nanjing (China) and Seoul, South Korea. I had studied at Singapore’s Ngee Ann Polytechnic and graduated with a diploma in biomedical science (specialising in biomedical research) before moving to London to attend university.

I had dreams of becoming a paediatrician but that has now changed to becoming a child psychologist as I realised how important mental health is especially in children in this day and age where we get easily overwhelmed. I recently graduated from UCL with a BSc in Psychology and Language Sciences and a MSc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology.

I enjoy travelling, exercising, cooking, longboarding and learning new languages. My favourite city is Tokyo because of its good food, quirky neighbourhoods, polite people, efficiency, cleanliness and how you can always find some new event going on. Prior to Covid-19, I would visit Japan at least once a year. My favourite getaway would be to seaside as I used to spend a lot of my childhood holidays by the beach in Thailand.

Hawaii is the country which I would like to visit the most right now. My favourite part of travelling would be trying the food of different cultures.  I can speak English, Mandarin, Korean, basic Japanese and German. If time permits, I would like to start learning either French or Spanish next time.

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