Meet The Team: Fang 谢芳

meet the team Aug 18, 2021

My name is Fang Xie ( 谢芳 ). I am born and growing up in Shenyang, northeast of China. Mandarin is my mother language and I had been formally learning mandarin in school for 16 years.  I graduated from Shenyang University with a BA degree of economic. I have lived in UK more 20 years. I started to be a mandarin teacher since my son went to a mandarin school in 2013. I have qualified as middle Chinese language teacher by IPA in 2018. I came from a large family with other 4 sibling. Our family always had fully filling of happiness, funny, love when I grew up. I love to spend time with children. I have been teaching children from different background and age (4 to 10) last 8 years in serval schools.  I am very kind, funny, patient teacher.

I love travelling and to learn different culture from all over the world.

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