maggie tai

Meet The Team: Maggie 佩珊

meet the team Aug 04, 2021

Hello everyone, I am Maggie from Hong Kong and I currently move to London. Hong Kong is a beautiful place and famous for its harbour views.I love eating, and there are many traditional Hong Kong style food in Hong Kong such as fishballs, dim sum, egg tart, etc. It’s really delicious, I believe you will like it too.

I work as a nursery teacher for 10 years and graduated with Early Childhood Education in The Education University of Hong Kong. I teach children Mandarin and Cantonese through story, games, songs, role play, etc. Children love to play games, and they learn through play. It’s actually the key to learning. In meaningful play, children are active participants and it’s often a full body activity that helps them to develop different skills they will need later in life.

I love to play guitar and ukulele. When I was the teacher at the nursery school. I always play guitar or ukulele and sing with children, they enjoy music very much. Music can bring us closer to each other and help people come together. Singing together is an effective way to build relationships and learn different language easier.

I love travelling. I always travel to Japan before the Covid since I like Japanese culture very much. Furthermore, I learned Japanese few years ago and passed the JLPT N3 level as well as N2 level is in progress. I enjoy learning language so much. Let’s learn language in a fun way.

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