meet hui chen

Meet the Team: Hui Chen 陈慧

meet the team Apr 24, 2023

I’m from Jiangxi Province in China. I studied law, Contemporary culture, and Creative Practice in (different) unis. I love to wander in nature, play and observe the animals. I have 3 baby teeth but one fell off last year. I think I look/feel like a flying squirrel and I’m a vegetarian. In my childhood I like to role-play what I saw in cheesy TV series, usually pretending to be someone who’s got brilliant Kung-fu skills. I’m passionate about movement, how we learned to move around the world, and how we can relearn it. Nowadays I feel everyone has something that can inspire me. Everybody is unique in their own way and if they’re willing to share it with me I would be very fascinated!

Why do you want to teach Mandarin Chinese to Children?
Because it’s a tool that can expand their world. I love languages, and I am learning Cantonese, Norwegian, Italian, and Japanese at the moment. I think they all expanded my world. So I want to bring that wonderful feeling to the children as well.

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