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Meet The Team: Jess 何洁溪

meet the team Oct 08, 2021

Born and raised in Nanjing, China. Loves all duck dishes but salty duck the most, and harbours the dream of tasting the world's cuisines. Before coming to the UK, I have been working in the education industry for five years; I am a Cambridge accredited international teacher and have by far successfully helped hundreds of students accomplish their language learning plans and goals.

I love languages and regard language as a cultural vehicle. Living, studying and working in the UK for three years has allowed me to experience the warmth and inclusiveness of the Western culture. I would like to be a bridge for the purpose of cultural exchange, telling the most original Chinese stories to those who want to learn Chinese!

In my classes, you can unleash your passion for life, your understanding of culture and your imagination as you will immerse yourself in a wonderful Chinese learning experience. In addition to being a teacher, I would also like to be your friend and listen to your stories. I believe that interest stimulates the consistent motivation, and that every child who comes to Mando School to learn Chinese will eventually show your talent for language learning!



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