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Meet the Team: Siyu Song

meet the team Apr 24, 2023

I‘m from China and completed a postgraduate degree in Global Media and Communication a few months ago at the University of Leicester. My hobbies include reading, watching TV, and skiing, which I recently learned. I am always keen to acquire new skills and knowledge. Enthusiasm, optimism, and enjoyment of life are the three words that define me. My favorite childhood memories were spent at my grandparents' house during every winter and summer vacation. My grandmother would buy me books, and my grandfather, who was getting old, would sit by the window and read the newspaper with a magnifying glass while I sat beside him reading my newly purchased storybook. These moments were precious, as they allowed me to indulge in my passion for reading while cherishing the beauty of printer media. The tactile sensation of turning book pages with my fingers to gain knowledge is something that brings me immense satisfaction. Though I majored in media, I possess a strong interest in the education industry. I firmly believe that there is no conflict between the two fields, as media plays an integral role in promoting education and culture. Perhaps one day, I will combine my interests and find my niche in this space. When it comes to motivation, I rely on my inner drive to achieve my goals. As I know myself best, I'm aware of what I want and need, and I'm the best person to transform my inspiration into action. However, I do appreciate the support and encouragement of others, as it strengthens my motivation. Whether it is a stranger's word or a loved one's encouragement, it has a significant impact on me.


Why do you want to teach Mandarin Chinese to Children?
Teaching Chinese to children is a passion of mine for three reasons. Firstly, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with children as it brings me back to the fond memories of my own childhood. Secondly, I have previously taught Chinese to local British friends and noticed a growing interest in learning the language and culture among foreigners. I view teaching Chinese to local children as an opportunity to promote the Chinese language and culture while breaking down common stereotypes. Lastly, with over two years of teaching experience in China, I am confident in my ability to adapt my teaching methods to fit the needs of children and bridge the gap between different educational systems.


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