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Meet the Team: Yu Ka Yan 俞嘉欣

meet the team Apr 24, 2023

I am a Mandarin teacher Yan from Hong Kong. I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2022 and Humanities is my major course. Moreover, I have studied Putonghua for years as it is a required subject in my secondary school and university. During my university life, I joined the dance club Buda as dancing is my favourite hobby. I love the feeling of being energetic and lively. I would describe myself as a creative, artistic, and gentle person. I think I can express my deepest feeling and thoughts through drawing, painting, dancing, and singing. Every movement, sound, and brush stroke means and reflects something from individuals. I see them as unique and am always interested in understanding people's thoughts. I remember that I really enjoyed playing interactive games and drawing in primary school lessons, it is my best childhood memory. Therefore, I also hope that I can bring more joy to any child, helping them discover how wonderful and pretty the world is. When I want to improve the way I teach students, I find J. K. Rowling who inspires me the most since she is brilliant to create a magical and fantasy imaginary world for all children, they can learn things happily through her words.


Why do you want to teach Mandarin Chinese to Children?
I want to teach Mandarin Chinese to children because I think this language is universal and has been commonly used in Asian countries. Also, I think children will have fun when learning to write Chinese words as the writing style may be like drawing to them. Moreover, I think children can have a better understanding of Chinese culture by learning this new language.



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