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Meet The Team: Yulu 雨露

meet the team Oct 18, 2021

Hello, I am Yulu, a master student in King’s College London. I was born in Zhongshan, a city in southern China near Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and completed my undergraduate degree in central China. Both Mandarin and Cantonese are my mother languages. In January 2018, I had volunteered to teach in a public school in Negombo, Sri Lanka. Teaching English and mathematics to children in lower grades and teaching physics to children in higher grades, which has allowed me to accumulate a lot of experience in teaching children. I can become friends with them and communicate amicably while studying, and guide them to learn concisely and clearly.

Urban sustainability is the topic that I currently study in. Therefore, I would use my major as an index to set the madarin courses about the direction of environmental protection and resource utilization, which are very important and useful for kids. Besides, I love travelling and I met many diverse people within five continents. Through cultural exchange, I gain a multiple perspectives around the world and a more inclusive mind. Hoping that kids can also explore the differences among various cultures, broaden their horizon and have fun via Mandarin.


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