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What Is Modern Foreign Language In Primary Schools?

articles May 01, 2023

Modern foreign language (MFL) in primary schools refers to the teaching of languages other than English to children in the primary school years. In the UK, the teaching of MFL in primary schools became compulsory in 2014, with the aim of introducing children to a foreign language at an early age and promoting cultural awareness and understanding.

The focus of MFL teaching in primary schools is on introducing children to basic language skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The aim is to develop children's communication skills in a foreign language and to foster an interest in and enthusiasm for language learning.

The most commonly taught languages in primary schools in the UK are French, German, and Spanish, although some schools may choose to teach other languages depending on the needs and interests of their students. MFL teaching in primary schools is often delivered through songs, games, and other interactive activities to engage children and make learning fun.

MFL teaching in primary schools is not designed to make children fluent in a foreign language, but rather to provide them with a solid foundation in language learning that they can build upon in secondary school and beyond. The aim is to introduce children to a new language and culture, and to develop their interest in and curiosity about the wider world.

In conclusion, modern foreign language teaching in primary schools is an important part of the curriculum, aimed at introducing children to a foreign language and fostering an interest in language learning and cultural awareness. By teaching children a foreign language at an early age, we can help them to develop important language skills, as well as an appreciation for other cultures and ways of life.

At MANDO SCHOOL, we adopt exactly this approach by providing children from Early Years to KS2 with fun Mandarin classes through story-led adventures, role-play, games and songs using interactive multimedia. If you're a Primary School interested in hosting Mandarin classes at your school, please contact [email protected]. We provide full assessments for KS2 MFL programme towards the end of each term so you can measure each child's progress.

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