Why These Language Teaching Methods Is Essential For Early Years Children

May 08, 2023

Teaching language to early years children in nurseries can be a fun and engaging experience. Children at this age are naturally curious and eager to learn, and there are many fun language teaching methods that can be used to help them develop their language skills. Here are some examples of MANDO SCHOOL's fun language teaching methods for early years children in nurseries:

1. Songs and Rhymes: Children love music, and songs and rhymes are a great way to teach language. Nursery rhymes and children's songs are easy to learn and remember, and they help children to develop their listening, speaking, and memory skills. We have a lot of Mandarin Chinese nursery rhymes that children are familiar with in English.

2. Play-Based Learning: Play-based learning is a teaching method that uses play and games to help children learn language. This approach encourages children to learn through play, and it is an effective way to teach language concepts, such as vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. We deliver our classes through interactive multimedia using story-led adventures to capture the children's imagination. 

3. Storytelling: Storytelling is an engaging way to teach language to early years children. Stories can be used to introduce new vocabulary, teach grammar and syntax, and develop comprehension skills. Stories can be read aloud or acted out, and they can be used to spark children's imagination and creativity. Each of our stories are creative with a fun adventure designed to keep the children engaged, combining repetitive Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.

4. Visual Aids: Visual aids, such as flashcards, pictures, and videos, can be used to teach language to early years children. Visual aids help children to associate words with images, which can help them to remember new vocabulary and concepts. Through the use of our interactive multimedia, children can experience colourful story-led adventures. In cases where nurseries do not have an interactive white board or allow electronic devices, we can bring in printed sheets to tell the story.

5. Role-Playing: Role-playing is a fun and engaging way to teach language to early years children. Role-playing allows children to practice their language skills in a safe and supportive environment, and it helps them to develop their communication and social skills. Children embody the characters in the stories, they can be little mouses in the woods, or a big dragon in a kingdom, the imagination is endless and children love nothing more than role-playing different characters!

In conclusion, there are many fun language teaching methods that can be used to teach language to early years children in nurseries. Songs and rhymes, play-based learning, storytelling, visual aids, and role-playing are all effective methods for teaching language to young children. By making language learning fun and engaging, we can help children to develop their language skills and set them on a path towards becoming confident and competent language learners.

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